Sunday, March 22, 2009

what is bsides?

B-Sides (a musical odyssey)
The theory of B-Sides is as follows: “A-sides” are often what the record company want the public to hear, but “B-sides” are more often what the artist want the public to hear. On air we would attempt to do justice to our favorite artists’ records by airing the less played songs, but frequently the most loved by fans. We will also try to offer a more diverse selection of genres than the average music radio hour. Who listens to one type of music anymore? With the advent of such devices as mp3 players, few limit themselves to only listening to a singular genre of music. While our parents generation had to make do with only one or two new records a month, our generation has the ability to obtain entire discographies in a matter of hours…. for FREE! (Not that we’re promoting illegal downloading, but it’s a reality!) So that leaves the public, with their waning musical appetites, to continuously digest large and diverse amounts of new music. What we will aim to achieve with the Monday 4-7 am slot is exactly that, offer them as much of a diverse musical experience as possible, all the while staying true to the theory of B-Sides and playing the tracks seldom heard over the air-waves. And besides all of the above, B-Sides aims to be an enjoyable way to go to sleep Sunday night or wake up Monday morning


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