Monday, December 13, 2010

Take it Personnel - Organic Payback

The first lady of the bside sound crew makes you TAKE IT PERSONNEL with her organic payback mix tape.

Master blaster - Stevie Wonder
Ladies First - Queen Latifah Monie Luv Remix
Take it Personnel - Gang Starr
One Self - DJ Vadim & Blu Rum 13
I be blowin' - De la Soul - Buhloone Mind State
The Healer / Me - Erykah Badu - New Amerykahan Promise part 1
Step Up - Pete Rock - Hip Hop Underground Soul classics -
Twice the first time - Saul Williams - Eargasm Pt 1
Nappy Heads ( Mona Lisa) - The Fugees - LP white jacket
We Rock Hard - Soul Sonic Force -
Rick Rubin - Spank Rock - Spank Rock
Here come the Drums - Native Sons - 3 Minute Blunts The Sound of Detroit Hip Hop
True Fuschnick - Fu Schnickens -
Triumph - Wu Tang - Enter the 36 Chambers
Wild Hot - Busta Rhymes & Tribe Called Quest - rhyme & reason LP
Bucktown - Smif & Wesson - Dah Shinin
The way it iz - Guru -
The Train pt 2 - Sir Lucious Left Foot saves the day- Big Boi
The choice is yours - Black Sheep -
Its Too Late - The Streets - Original Pirate Material
He Loves Me - Jill Scott - Todd Gardner remix
Golden Age of life - 4Hero - Two Pages

Thanks and see you all in the new year ....2011
'cause its all or nuffin

but this time was nuffin but a vinyl huffin affair!!!!'

Serious Black...loves you and you and you...

Friday, November 12, 2010


From the mid to late 80s a storm was ‘a-brewing’ in the electrified air of Detroit City. Dust balls rolled through the vacant streets of Woodward Ave. in the wake of the ’67 riots. To the naked eye Detroit was a ghost town, a desert butte that was once an urban kingdom built for 4 000 000 with less than 1 000 000 inhabiting it. The city core suggested a profound vacancy, the kind that could only be brought on by an apocalypse. Taking a closer look, the pulse was stronger than ever…
This week's show aired on late-late Sunday, November 14 on, CKUT 90.3 FM and available now available for download here.

Be well!

MADE7 aka Tim Taylor

This week's playlist:

Techno Pop- Kraftwerk
The Chase- Model 500
Alleys of Your Mind- Cybotron
Inner City - Ahnonghay-
Inner City - Pennies from Heaven-
Blake Baxter - Sexuality-
Blake Baxter - Does not Compute-
Bounce Your Body- Kevin Saunderson
Go Go Pop- Afrika Bambaataa and Soul Sonic Force f. Trouble Funk
Ceremony- New Order
Heaven 17 - Temptation-
Frankie Knuckles presents Satoshi Tomile - Tears
Cajmere ft Dajae - Brighter Days (Todds TNT Dub)
Cosmic Cars- Cybotron
Word Up - Cameo
Your Love- Frankie Knuckles
Carl Craig - Darkness- Carl Craig
Carl Craig - Angel (Caya Dub)- Carl Craig
Die Kosmischen Kuriere- 3mb feat. Juan Atkins
Changes of Life- Jeff Mills
Jupiter Jazz- Underground Resistance
Neneh Cherry-Buffalo Stance
Oh Sheila- Ready for the World
Inner City -Good Life-
Altitude (Mayday Mix) + Star Dancer + R U OK (Acapella) + Topdrop- System 7 & Derrick May + The Martian + Ambivalent + Polder
Inner City -Big Fun
Pet Shop Boys- Go West [Kevin Saunderson Trance Mix]
Digital Display-Ready For the World
What Happened? (R.E.C. Remix)- Abe Duque & Blake Baxter
Other Side of Life- Vision
The Passage- Model 500
The Flow- Model 500
Off to Battle- Model 500
Ocean to Ocean- Model 500
Nightdrive (Thru Babylon)- Model 500
No UFO's- Model 500
Skyway- Infiniti
Cosmic Raindance- Cybotron
Dreamaker- Cybotron
Clear- Cybotron
Something About the Music- Juan Atkins
Jazz Is the Teacher- 3MB feat. Juan Atkins
Game One- Infiniti
R9- Cybotron
Technicolor- Channel One
Vessels in Distress- Model 500
Starlight- Model 500
Future- Model 500
Matthew Dear - Dog Days (Pantytec Remix)-
Let Me Love You Down- Ready for the World

Friday, October 29, 2010

It's SLits TrADition (and it's Halloween!)

A Look at the Career of PUnk ROck's Daughter, Ari UP aka Medusa

In a long roster of gal groups to really impact any given music scene, London's The Slits definitely count strongly among the best. The Slits don't really belong to London though; somehow it makes more sense to say the world because no other group in the first generation UK punk scene synthesized so many different influences and did it well. No, not even the Clash. That could be debated but one thing's for certain, if anything they are the Clash's female analog.

From Diana Ross' Love Jones to Grace Jones to Lee Scratch Perry to the Funky Four + 1, and let's ad a splash of the Sex Pistols (After all, that was Ari Ups Step Dad), there's a little something for everyone to be enjoyed in Slits music as well as Ari Up's solo work.

I won't go over Ari Up's entire career because it is covered in the radio show which will be aired on Halloween night on, CKUT 90.3 FM and available for download the next day. However, I will highlight some aspects that figure into Ari Ups musical mish-mash of influences.

New York City at some point in time seems to be part of everyone's "story" and it was no different for Ari Up.

After the Slits did two albums within four years, Cut and Return of the Giant Slits the group called it a day. Palmolive aka Paloma Romero went on to do another influential gal rock outfit, the Raincoats. Until this day Up expresses regret that Return went for the most part, under the radar. Starting out as the daughters of punk and wearing that moniker superbly when the formed in 1976, by their second album, the slits were essentially a dub act.

Up went on to work with the New Age Steppers, a post punk group to which she contributed vocals. After 2 years this gout dissolved. Up also maenad percussive contributions to the Talking Heads Fear of Music album as well.

Up moved to New York where she immediately connected with the sounds of early hip hop that were coming out the scene at the time. She was also absorbing the flavors of the Lower East side and living with Neneh Cherry. Tiny Weymouth from the Talking Heads lived in the flat above.

Among her adopted homes New York, Kingston Jamaica and the Jungle's of Belize have all given Ari Up a corollary/artillery of sound that you can feel, taste and touch.

Thank you for The Slits, thank you Ari Up.

Below is a partial list of Slits/Ari Up discographies as well as this weeks playlist.
Be well and until the next:


Slits/Ari Up partial discography

The Slits

Cut, 1979
Return of the Giant Slits, 1981
Live at the Gibus Club,2005
Trapped Animal,2009

Ari Up - Collaborations

Fear of Music, Talking Heads, 1979
New Age Steppers, New Age Steppers, 1980
Hitchhiking Non-Stop with No Particular Destination, Terranova,2002

Ari up - Solo Album

Dread More Dan Dead, 2005

Halloween Playlist

The Twilight Zone-Maurius Constant

Sweet Transvestite-The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Sponge Bob Scaredy Pants-Squidward

Slits Tradition-The Slits

Deutsche Girls-Adam & The Ants

Bela Lugosi's Dead-Bauhaus

Pay Rent-The Slits

Dead Kennedys-Halloween

fm-The Slits

Devil in My Car-B52's


I Put a Spell on You-Screamin' Jay Hawkins

I Zimbra-Talking Heads

In The Midnight Hour-Wison Pickett

Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)-David Bowie

Abderhamane's Demise-New Age Steppers

Issues-The Slits

Animal Space-The Slits

Haunted When The Minutes Drag-Love and Rockets

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Noisecapades - The Kaleidoscopic Sounds of Arto Lindsay

Arto Lindsay was the man of the hour on this week's show and he is da man! His CV is too long to list but I'd like to do a few highlights.

U.S. born Arto Lindsay spent a good chunk of his formative years in Brazil. He later went to NYC and, captivated by the 80s downtown art scene, became a major part of the No Wave experimental movement that was taking place. Luminaries or more aptly, anti-luminaries in this scene included Lady Lydia Lunch of Teenage Jesus and the Jerks, Mr. Glenn Branca of the Theoretical Girls and James Chance and the Contortions. Arto got major cred from his no wave unit DNA which, was featured in a Brian Eno produced compilation "No New York". After exiting DNA Lindsay joined a zillion projects (okay, not a zillion) but several around the same time frame including The Ambitious Lovers, The Lounge Lizards and the Golden Palominos all of which are featured in this weeks broadcast. The latter was a project spearheaded by Feelies drummer, Anton Fier.

Arto's eclecticism has led him through the gamut from the extremely experimental to pop to Muscia Popular do Brasil (MPB). Arto has established a prolific career as collaborator with a number of major Brazilian artists and in his own solo career has often sang in Portuguese and fused Bossa Nova styles with other genres to forge unique sounds. For more deets on Arto check out his site

What makes Arto Lindsay such an intriguing subject (and person) is his eclecticism. I definitely identify with that. Cultural eclecticism translates to musical eclecticism in this case and that's what resonates with me. Arto hits A-Z from hip hop & punk to free jazz to Bossa Nova to pure pop (well not so pure because there's always his own twist to it). Anyways, the appeal is there and whatever he does, you can be guaranteed that it won't be dull and will have alot of soul and visceral feeling to it. Keep it up Arto Lindsay. I tip my hat to ya.

I've pointed out in the set list any musical contributions made by Arto Lindsay featured in this week's show. As always, I'm glad you tuned in. If you want to hear some of Arto's tunes check out this weeks show at:

Peace-Peace & until 3 fortnights....
Tim (MADE 7)

This week's Playlist


Arto Lindsay


DNA (Arto Lindsay, guitar/vocals)


Just Met U (Punk Love #2)

Ambitious Lovers(ArtoLindsay,guitar/vox

Bubble Machine


Liquid Liquid

Can't Be Funky

Bush Tetras

Too Much Pressure

The Selecter

Kings Of The Wild Frontier

Adam & The Ants

Rhythm of Cruelty


Bully Boys

The Tiger Lillies

La La Land

Green Velvet

Flaming Desire

Bill Nelson


The Lounge Lizards (Arto Lindsay, guitar vocals)

Cia Spy Dub

Arto Lindsay/Mike Ladd/Sensational/Marc Ribot/Seb el Zin

It's Raining Today

Scott Walker


!!! (Chk Chk Chk)

Back Against The Wall

The Circle Jerks

Percolator (Green Velvet Mix)


De Lama Lâmina

Arto Lindsay

The Day that Thatcher Dies




Only One Party

The Golden Palominos (Arto Lindsay, guitar/vocals)

Rock Work



U.K. Subs

Jah War

The Ruts

Somewhere in My Heart

Aztec Camera

Fields of Fire

Big Country

The Animal Speaks

The Golden Palominos Feat John Lydon w Arto Lindsay on guitar)


David Byrne

(produced by Arto Lindsay)

Cosmic Cars


O Estrangeiro

Caetano Veloso (produced by Arto Lindsay)

Beat Bop

Rahmelzee Vs. K.Rob


John Zorn

Have Mercy On Me

The Black Keys

Add Water

John Zorn and Arto Lindsay


John Zorn and Arto Lindsay


Lou Barlow & the missingmen

Clean On Your Bean

Dinosaur L

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Under Pressure 2010 - Saturday August 14 and 15th

its that time of year again and Montreal's greatest testament to the bside culture is back UNDER PRESSURE International Graffiti Convention is back for another year....

Saturday August 14th happens at Peace Park (1195 St Laurent) from noon to 8pm...its free ...its outdoors and its all ages!!! see emcees's - deejay's- bboys and bgirls, Sk8 jams and crew murals happening ll day and of course the bside crew will be in FULL EFFECT

Sunday August 15th happens as usual behind the Foufounes Electriques (87 St Catherine) , from noon to 10pm, again its FREE and its outdoor and its all ages BUT the BSides crew WILL be holding down the turntables from Noon till 2pm. Emcees' - deejays - breakers- graffiti and the massive Sk8 Jam all happening....

and to really NICE UP D' SCENE special guest J-Live ( NYC) and DJ Rob Swift ( of The Executioner's ) will be turning it up for the show inside the Fouf's that night ( cover is 10bones) but after 2 packed days of hip hop you don't can cap your evening off with them....

Selecta Line Up - August to October

MAde7 & Serious B clocking in @ 4AM

In our eternal quest to bring to you our listeners the latest and greatest on 45's from 4 - 7 AM every 2nd Monday ; we will now provide you with the monthly line up of SELECTA's so that you ,our listeners; can now decide whom you'd want to hear and when; and with that being said - make a date on your radio dial ( CKUT 90.3 or  to tune into your host of choice for  that Monday you know we started our show as a trio but due to life and having to juxtapose the love of vinyl and radio with the 'machine' that we all call; work ,we each appear on different weeks to bring you the best in bside radio Odyssey's....stay tuned to use on 90.3 or if we're too early  in the AM for you ... is where you will find us...

Monday August 9  - MAde7 works you into a eclectic frenzy...
Monday August 23 - Serious B one of the only women on decks at 4 in da morning ...brings aural stimulation's and head nodding beat rocking..before leaving for a much needed trip to New York City...I'm coming home to Brooklyn!
Monday Septemeber 6 - JJFord keeps it locked on roots, blue's, alt, rock, no wave is left untouched by the furious JJ...

Monday September 20 - MAde7 
Monday  October 4 - Serious B
Monday October 18 - JJ Ford  

and don't forget to call or write if you want to know or hear something or comment ...