Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Noisecapades - The Kaleidoscopic Sounds of Arto Lindsay

Arto Lindsay was the man of the hour on this week's show and he is da man! His CV is too long to list but I'd like to do a few highlights.

U.S. born Arto Lindsay spent a good chunk of his formative years in Brazil. He later went to NYC and, captivated by the 80s downtown art scene, became a major part of the No Wave experimental movement that was taking place. Luminaries or more aptly, anti-luminaries in this scene included Lady Lydia Lunch of Teenage Jesus and the Jerks, Mr. Glenn Branca of the Theoretical Girls and James Chance and the Contortions. Arto got major cred from his no wave unit DNA which, was featured in a Brian Eno produced compilation "No New York". After exiting DNA Lindsay joined a zillion projects (okay, not a zillion) but several around the same time frame including The Ambitious Lovers, The Lounge Lizards and the Golden Palominos all of which are featured in this weeks broadcast. The latter was a project spearheaded by Feelies drummer, Anton Fier.

Arto's eclecticism has led him through the gamut from the extremely experimental to pop to Muscia Popular do Brasil (MPB). Arto has established a prolific career as collaborator with a number of major Brazilian artists and in his own solo career has often sang in Portuguese and fused Bossa Nova styles with other genres to forge unique sounds. For more deets on Arto check out his site http://www.artolindsay.com

What makes Arto Lindsay such an intriguing subject (and person) is his eclecticism. I definitely identify with that. Cultural eclecticism translates to musical eclecticism in this case and that's what resonates with me. Arto hits A-Z from hip hop & punk to free jazz to Bossa Nova to pure pop (well not so pure because there's always his own twist to it). Anyways, the appeal is there and whatever he does, you can be guaranteed that it won't be dull and will have alot of soul and visceral feeling to it. Keep it up Arto Lindsay. I tip my hat to ya.

I've pointed out in the set list any musical contributions made by Arto Lindsay featured in this week's show. As always, I'm glad you tuned in. If you want to hear some of Arto's tunes check out this weeks show at:

Peace-Peace & until 3 fortnights....
Tim (MADE 7)

This week's Playlist


Arto Lindsay


DNA (Arto Lindsay, guitar/vocals)


Just Met U (Punk Love #2)

Ambitious Lovers(ArtoLindsay,guitar/vox

Bubble Machine


Liquid Liquid

Can't Be Funky

Bush Tetras

Too Much Pressure

The Selecter

Kings Of The Wild Frontier

Adam & The Ants

Rhythm of Cruelty


Bully Boys

The Tiger Lillies

La La Land

Green Velvet

Flaming Desire

Bill Nelson


The Lounge Lizards (Arto Lindsay, guitar vocals)

Cia Spy Dub

Arto Lindsay/Mike Ladd/Sensational/Marc Ribot/Seb el Zin

It's Raining Today

Scott Walker


!!! (Chk Chk Chk)

Back Against The Wall

The Circle Jerks

Percolator (Green Velvet Mix)


De Lama Lâmina

Arto Lindsay

The Day that Thatcher Dies




Only One Party

The Golden Palominos (Arto Lindsay, guitar/vocals)

Rock Work



U.K. Subs

Jah War

The Ruts

Somewhere in My Heart

Aztec Camera

Fields of Fire

Big Country

The Animal Speaks

The Golden Palominos Feat John Lydon w Arto Lindsay on guitar)


David Byrne

(produced by Arto Lindsay)

Cosmic Cars


O Estrangeiro

Caetano Veloso (produced by Arto Lindsay)

Beat Bop

Rahmelzee Vs. K.Rob


John Zorn

Have Mercy On Me

The Black Keys

Add Water

John Zorn and Arto Lindsay


John Zorn and Arto Lindsay


Lou Barlow & the missingmen

Clean On Your Bean

Dinosaur L

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