Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bside on Facebook....

Yes people, we figured the best way to get the word out on us to the folks that may or may not know that we're here and we've taken on the airwaves, Serious created a Facebook page that you can add yourselves on to and keep up with the bizarre ride on the bside.
We are chomping at the bits as we have been approved the 4 - 7 am slot on CKUT every 2nd Monday folks....

A bit o' news our resident djette ( ms serious black) has finally made her mark in the artists/graffiti community with a joint show happening in the UK this month, you can see part of the collection on and type in ms manic ( her alias's alias) and you will find all the hype on our little djette.

Our next show we will be featuring a mixxed bag as our double inauguration show we're inviting all you break a dawn -jawn type folks to join us in your living rooms for a listening party like no other!!! where you can listen to us from the comfort of your beds and snuggies and when we play a tune or something that hits a nerve or bell or there is that tune that you really want to hear and think we WILL have it then call us up in studio and if your really keen we'll share your bside view's on air.

The listening party show happening Monday April 6th from 4 - 7 AM.

stay tuned with more from the front and this week's play list ( yes though we are not air this week) we will STILL provide you with a play list for this week's listening pleasure and if your lucky and we're organized then you'll also be directed to the podcast as well.

Put on your green hat and stay in the feeling of Spring!!!

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