Saturday, December 22, 2012

THE SUITE DELIGHT: Serious Black (December 22, 2012)

THE SUITE DELIGHT: Serious Black (December 22, 2012):
Serious Black and Solespin go way back.

We knew each other long before either of us would don those names. I have to remember to ask her how she arrived at naming herself Serious Black.

Although we were at opposite radio stations, our dedication to the crafts of DJing and radio were common denominators.

Fate would have us face each other at Greenlight Gallery twice this year and I got to hear Serious Black spin for the very first time. 

Her hip hop heavy guest fill-in spot on The Goods preceded my finalizing The Suite Delight guest schedule for 2012 and naturally I invited her to join me. 

Tune in to CJLO 1690AM for a blissful episode of The Suite Delight on December 22 from 8-10pm EST.

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