Saturday, April 28, 2012

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New Orleans Bounce • Psychotic Felines • Dim Sum with the Dim Stars on this Week's Edition of the Bsides - Wee Hour Classics

Psychotic Felines and Carburetor Dung
When watching the Orbital video for "Wonky" I imagined that this might be the effect cat nip might have on cats through the perspective of a human. A paranoia freakout of the worse kind: a s**t load of cats invading your living room demanding to be fed. Pictures of talking cats on your favorite cat t-shirt (doesn't everyone have one?)  Argh! A horror movie of epic proportions! (Of course, all I need to do is walk down Beaudoin Street in Saint Henri, Montreal to experience this cat version of Planet of the Apes.) Good song, disturbingly great video invoking the Twilight Zone at its creepiest. Thanks for that Orbital! 

On New Orleans Bounce
There seems to be a non-exhaustive flow of emerging mini-docs on the Bounce scene, some student projects, some outsider projects (Check out DJ Diplo's mini-doc), and some homegrown. Check out this one featuring Big Freedia called Almost Famous. Queer bounce or what I rather more inclusively refer to as simply bounce is here to stay. It's hard to imagine a more eclectic mix assembled at a typical show feat. artists like Big Freedia, Sissy Nobby or Katey Red. It would seem that that the borders that previously isolated groups along the all-to-familiar binaries of black/white, gay/straight, queer/mainstream get stripped down to the raw essence: music. 

"When Freedia's on the mic respect is given from the drug dealers, to the ballers, to the punksit's not judgment down here, because we've been judged enough…"(Big Freedia Bounce Teaser), 

Unless you're completely sedated or physically tethered to the floor, there's just no way that you'll be able to resist getting up and shaking your ass to these electric beats.
More bounce titles:
Punks Under Pressure
Ya Heard Me

Dim Summmmmm
And to round out this edition a brief mention of the Dim Stars…I gotta say it's a treat kids. Go put this one in your time capsule. Richard Hell, Thurston Moore Steve Shelley, Rob Quine, Don Flemming. Special Mention: Stray Cat Generation; tribute to Hell's anthemic Blank Generation and his legacy. Hell put the punk in Punk rock. When Malcolm McLaren came to NYC to ruin the New York Dolls, before going back to the UK with his tail between his legs, he did manage to do a couple of things right. He copped the soon-to-become widespread "punk look" of ripped clothes and clothespins as well the provocative "Please Kill Me" style slogans and mixed-symbolism of Day-Glo swastikas from Mr. Richard Hell. You're the man Rich!

This Week's Playlist:

Big Freedia — Gin in My System
Diplo & Nicky da B — Express Yourself 
Sissy Nobby — Yippy
Orbital & Lady Leshurr — Wonky
The Cramps — Here We Go Magic
Pangea — River
Ice Age — White Rune
The Men — Open Your Heart
U2 — I Will Follow
Denim — Jane Suck Died in '77
Here We Go Magic — How do I Know
Dim Stars — All my Witches Come True
The Cramps — Zombie Dance
The Stranglers — Sverige
Hunx  — Let Me In 
The Magnetic Fields — Luckiest Guy on the Lower East Side
Taxi Girl — Chercher le garçon
Can — Oh Yeah
Liars — No. 1 Against the Rush
Wedding Present — You're Dead
Lee Ranaldo — Waiting in a Dream 
David Bowie — Warszawa 
Jah Wobble — What the Problem Is
Conrad Schnitzler — Ballet statique
School of Seven Bells — The Night
M83 - Midnight City
Lescop — La forêt
M. Ward — Primitive Girl
Nina Simone — Go Limp
Harry Belafonte — Will His Love Be Like His Rum?
Alabama Shakes — Hold On
The Platters — Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
Dina Washington — What a Difference a Day Makes
Sara Vaughan — Broken-Hearted Melody
Jack Scott — Goodbye Baby

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