Friday, April 17, 2009

In the cut - Lo Fi Monday April 20 2009

Hello everyone its the funky diabetic wheels of steel mistress Serious Black with this weeks hype for Monday's show...we be going all out LOFI that means if it's not digitally recorded ( analog folks ) we'll play it; we feature this week: artists who bootleg thier own music ( a la Pete Yorn, MIA, and i hate to say it Lil Wayne) also we' re hitting up some Indie Music Movement stuff ( yeah everyone and thier mother is in an indie band) but the jems and jewels of thisi movement and where to find it, bedroom dj's and djettes, we are also spraying over the DIY scene, MixTape history - remember when you liked a boy or girl and you made them a tape??? , Jeff Chang's Cant Stop , Wont Stop ( for all the heads if you have not picked up this book your SLEEPING) and a bunch of other local goodies and we may have a give away or two...but you gots to be up or have us on record be on the night shift or in your bedroom...STAY TUNED can follow us on your My Space or email us at stay in the cut

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